Unity in Victory, Follower’s Plea


Dyuthi Anoop

Unity in Victory

Motherland, Hindustan,

You hold your people up, keep the land full of life.

Now war has taken its toll,

Tell me, why was it ever essential?

The blood of my brothers and sisters scar,

Mind penetrated with a thousand knives.

But no, unity is key,

Against the demons of the north as one.

Together, we lead in harmony, and peace.

Apart, falling, like our flags that once stood proudly.

Hand in hand, we march to glory,

Take back what is ours in righteous manner.

We avenge the fallen, take steps to victory,

Fulfil the lingering dreams of those who came before.


Follower’s Plea

They want an uprise,

They want my home,

To burn all I have worked for,

They’ll take all I have; a house in the combe.

They want for me to betray my master,

They want for me to deny my closest,

Of anything and everything,

Their feats gone unnoticed.


They try to look down upon my Gurujee,

They come together to destroy his land,

But I will protect his masterpiece;

In any way that I can.

Their so called ‘rebellion’ is a fire.

A fire that will burn our sacred land, they desire.


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